A Musical Journey

As summer arrives to wreak havoc over the people of Mumbai, air-conditioned vehicles become the ideal choice of transportation. Move over, affordable and efficiently well-distributed network of local trains, buses and share autos. Metros, and cabs owned by large corporations are here to stay. To be fair, taxis have always been an integral part of the city experience. But gone are the days of being baked alive … Continue reading A Musical Journey

The Storyteller

She had loved them as a child, listening to them with unblinking rapturous eyes, and a mind that painted pictures of every word she heard. Tales ordinary and extraordinary. Stories of hunters and monsters, heroes and villains, devas and rakshasas. They lingered in her mind long after they had been told, flashes of colourful images and strings of words woven together into stories. More stories. Different … Continue reading The Storyteller

Guest Post – ‘The Puddle’

The storm is over, the rain is in the past. But in the aftermath, there are craters left all over. Puddles. At the corner of the streets, in the middle of the road, an inverse island surrounded by land. Tiny reflections, parts of reflections, can be glimpsed at within moments as the puddle lingers on stapled to the land. It’s midnight and a scared man’s … Continue reading Guest Post – ‘The Puddle’