He asked me to dance today and I said no. I used to dance with agility, dance with grace, But now my bones have started to ache. Icy heart and creaky limbs, Won’t shake the darkness away. So I won’t move my body today. Today is not a dancing day.   He asked me to sing today and I said no. My voice is sweet … Continue reading No

How would I describe myself?

How would I describe myself? A person, that’s obvious, but what kind? A woman, an atheist, a lover, a feminist? Those are just labels, and labels are no fun. I’m much more than labels, much more than a person. I’m a wall screaming ‘post no bills’ Covered with stickers and the occasional drops of piss. I’m a rope strung on two poles, Carelessly bent under … Continue reading How would I describe myself?

The Smiling Face

She awoke to the shining sun; A day of wordless beauty, Where birds chirped, and cars Honked their happy melodies.   She smiled at herself in the mirror, Smiled at her blinking phone, She smiled at passers-by, Brightening their day some more.   They responded to her kindness, Grateful lips and nervous teeth, Marvelling at the warmth radiated By the girl with the smiling face.   And … Continue reading The Smiling Face