A Musical Journey

As summer arrives to wreak havoc over the people of Mumbai, air-conditioned vehicles become the ideal choice of transportation. Move over, affordable and efficiently well-distributed network of local trains, buses and share autos. Metros, and cabs owned by large corporations are here to stay. To be fair, taxis have always been an integral part of the city experience. But gone are the days of being baked alive … Continue reading A Musical Journey

People Ruin Beautiful Things

Travel and tell no one, live a true love story and tell no one, live happily and tell no one, people ruin beautiful things. – Khalil Gibran She wore her pink earrings. The bright pink ones, that looked like tic-tac clips hanging from her ears. She wore her yellow kurta and her white leggings, her blue eyeliner and her red lipstick. And after she was … Continue reading People Ruin Beautiful Things

I’m a Prisoner of Kaajal, and I Love It!

My tormentor has many names; eye pencil, eye liner, eye color. Sometimes it looks like a pen so you can’t call it eye pencil, and the advertisements call it kaajal, but it’s apparently not kaajal. But let’s not delve into the confusing world of eye makeup more than we have to. For the sake of my sanity, and yours, let’s just call all of it kaajal. Because I’m … Continue reading I’m a Prisoner of Kaajal, and I Love It!

Of Sexists and Feminazis

Bear with me. It’s a question that popped into my head during one of those times when you sit quietly and let your brain run wild. It’s a question that will probably lead to a lot of hateful messages and trolling. But I’m gonna put it out there anyways. We accept sexism on a daily basis. Accept it as someone’s religion, faith, or personal belief. … Continue reading Of Sexists and Feminazis

The Smiling Face

She awoke to the shining sun; A day of wordless beauty, Where birds chirped, and cars Honked their happy melodies.   She smiled at herself in the mirror, Smiled at her blinking phone, She smiled at passers-by, Brightening their day some more.   They responded to her kindness, Grateful lips and nervous teeth, Marvelling at the warmth radiated By the girl with the smiling face.   And … Continue reading The Smiling Face

My Bi Friend Forever

It can be a life-changing moment; when your best friend of 12 years comes out to you as bisexual. This is a friend you’ve had sleepovers with since you were a child, cuddling together in the same blanket before adulthood made cuddling gross. A friend who insisted on eating maggi from a single plate; and whose pathetic attempts at cooking food left you eating tasteless, … Continue reading My Bi Friend Forever

The Storyteller

She had loved them as a child, listening to them with unblinking rapturous eyes, and a mind that painted pictures of every word she heard. Tales ordinary and extraordinary. Stories of hunters and monsters, heroes and villains, devas and rakshasas. They lingered in her mind long after they had been told, flashes of colourful images and strings of words woven together into stories. More stories. Different … Continue reading The Storyteller

Kolkata Diaries: A Sense of Belonging

On paper, living is an easy task. Breathe in, breathe out. Make sure you don’t die. But in real life, living can be quite a daunting and exhausting task. Especially if you feel like you somehow don’t belong, no matter where you are. This is especially true of writers. With our narcissism, self-obsession and a unique perspective towards the world (which is the only thing … Continue reading Kolkata Diaries: A Sense of Belonging